Overnight Dog Boarding

As a guest of the Dogs Day Inn, your dog will play all day long with our day care guests, and at night sleep slumber party style with one of our our dog loving staff. After the day care dogs have left for the night, overnight guests receive a dinner service in one of our extra large professional kennels, and then a late night play session with lights out at 10:30pm. Each guest gets their own cozy dog bed while one of our staff stays awake in the same room with the dogs all night long. Our guests are supervised 24 hours a day and games of flashlight tag are a common occurrence. Your dog will simply have a great time while your gone!

Please note:All Our guest are required to have a non-leather quick release collar with a name tag on them. Also we do require that all guests have their food pre-packaged into individual meals, using plastic sandwich baggies. This will help make sure your best friend gets the right amount of food each and every time they enjoy their dinner with us. If medication is to be given during their visit with us please 1) Inform the staff when Checking in your dog, 2) Write out directions on how to administer medications, 3) If medications need to be place inside wet food, cheese, pill pockets, etc., we ask that you provide us these things to ensure that we make sure your dog eats their medicine.
Standard dog boarding

  • Covers a 24 hour period with $3/hr. additional charge after grace period
  • Extended stay discounts available. The more you stay the less you pay
  • Multiple dog discounts for dogs from the same family
  • You supply food, any necessary medications, and instructions and we’ll do the rest

Single Dog Rates

Boarding  rates $48.50 per night
Extended boarding rates available

Multiple Dog Rates (2 dogs)

Boarding rates  $81.00 per night
Extended boarding rates available

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*Dogs Day Inn is  Illinois Licensed Kennel Operator Fully Insured and Bonded.