Dog Day Care

Indoor and outdoor play areas with no cage rotation

We feature two play rooms in our facility One room for the small, elderly, or less active dogs. As well as one for the larger and more active crowd. Our main climate controlled play room features a large natural skylight and constant supervision provided by our dog loving staff.

Dogs are taken out to our large exercise yard for 10 minutes of every hour, and always have a good supply of fresh water from which to drink. In the summertime, swimming pools are available for the dogs to frolic in, and with a southern exposure, sunbathing tends to be a big hit.

Please note: All of our guest are required to have a non-leather quick release collar with a name tag on them.


  • Daily Daycare $34.00 per day
  • 5 day package $160.00 ($32.00 per day)
  • 10 day package $280.00 ($28.00 per day)
  • 20 day package $480.00 ($24.00 per day)

MULTI-DOG RATES (2 dogs +)

  • Daily Daycare $59.00 per day ($29.50 per dog)
  • 5 Day Package $270.00 ($27.00 per dog, per day)
  • 10 Day Package $470.00 ($23.50 per dog, per day)
  • 20 Day Package $820.00 ($20.50 per dog, per day)
Packages can be used anytime daycare is in session, with no set days or monthly usage requirements.
PLEASE NOTE: No daycare on holidays and days surrounding holidays, hours may change and daycare availability may be limited.  Please call or email around holidays for daycare availability.


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*Dogs Day Inn is a Licensed Illinois Kennel Operator Fully Insured.